I don’t write very well, maths is my better subject by far, I have always known that. I am English, always have been, but I still struggle to get the right words out. Some people take speaking with confidence for granted. Getting words together is hard, this blog will hopefully enable me to get better at expressing myself and give me the confidence to do things like write emails to my teachers or stand up for myself when someone is being rude. 

What I am trying to say is that I’m happy for the anonymous opportunity to try my bid at writing and interacting with other people. Please give me chance and give my posts a read even if it is a bit sketchy. Thank you.


Author: onegirlssay

Names don't matter, but I am a girl, I eat in bed, have messy hair and sleep all the time.

One thought on “Writing”

  1. Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I too, once, have a problem expressing myself in words and this is a problem because I’m in love with them. I’m in love at how the eloquence of some threads of words can be. So I write and I write and I write and no matter how I think “ugh this is bad” I post it anyway. And now I’d like to think that my writings had become much more enjoyable than it was at first. So don’t worry, just keep writing your heart out, the words will flow out eventually. 🙂

    If I can give you some input tho, go write an “about me”, and also your theme is a bit bleak and hard to navigate in.

    Have fun writing! 🙂


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